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Munkee and the gang are also great teachers.  Learn to code in Java and Blockly so that you can make your own apps and games.  In CodeLaamaa, you jump, kick and punch your way through a game world where you look for your lessons on different sign posts. Watch a demo here. Log in for […]

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Munkee Kissin Runnee

A spinoff from MKD, Munkee and the gang now run for their lives in this fun infinite runner style game.  Where you dodge obstacles and earn new levels to run on.  This time Munkee is in trouble, he kidnapped Laamaa and all of the clans are after him to rescue her. As you collect more […]

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Munkee Kissin Dunkee 2

The long-awaited sequel to Munkee Kissin Dunkee, our heroes are bigger and badder than ever. New moves and new weapons, MKD2 will keep you on your toes as you fight for supremacy against other foes from the animal kingdom.  With humanity gone, its time to crown a new leader in the kingdom.  Will it be […]

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