Hundreds of years ago, New Earth 5 was a bustling planet where humans worked to grow and expand.  Eventually humans decided to head to space and start colonizing other worlds.  What happened next was completely unexpected.

As the human population decreased, each of the animal clans rose up to take over.  War broke out, first it was animals clans against humans but as humans were taking onslaughts from all sides and casualties mounted, they made the decision to leave New Earth 5.

After humanity left, the animal clans turned on each other.  Warring for supremacy.   Chaos ensued and New Earth 5 was not safe for anyone to live.

Eventually, the clans agreed to settle their war in another way.  Through battle wars.  A tournament where each clan sends a representative to fight for their clans honour and for the right to rule New Earth 5.  What was formerly known as Australia was now designated battle wars territory.

Think you have what it takes?  Then take your fight to the ring… or make a run for it!

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